How Silver Surfer Vaporizer works?

How Silver Surfer Vaporizer works?

The Silver surfer is only vaporizer which makes use of a heating element which is made up completely of ceramic. Its glass heater cover consists of a tiny hole through which the user inhales the air. Air is heated to the vaporizing temperature by the heating element. The air which is heated up goes through heater cover of the vaporizer finally passing into glass wand. The inhaled air is sufficiently hot to vaporize the smoking tobacco. Controlling the heat of air should be can be done controlling the rate of inhalation. As air is taken in slowly, it takes more time to go through heater cover which makes it hotter. However, if slow inhalation cannot heat up the inhaled air to the desired temperature, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer should be tuned up little higher.

The most important feature in the vaporizer happens to be the position of its ceramic element. There are other vaporizers that are made in the form of a wand and which have the air inside them go through the electrical connections and wires which are located inside the complete unit. It is only vaping device that eliminates all the electronics and hot metal from the way through which the vapor passes. This offers the cleanest of vaping experience. For instance, the air passing through Silver Surfer Vaporizer is purer than that passing through Volcano Vaporizer. In Volcano Vaporizer, the air goes through the complete unit and also through the complete circuitry. In the vaporizer, the air first comes in contact with its screen before it vaporizes the materials. In case of Silver Surfer Vaporizer, the tobacco is vaporized first by the air which is heated up. The time taken by the vapor to reach the screen of the device is enough to cool it back when it reaches the screen, so that no metal fumes are created. The seventh floor in the vaporizer makes use of stainless steel screen.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer can be tuned on in two ways. First, the knob facilitating adjustment of glass marble can be turned into high power for two to three minutes. The knob should then be turned down to one-third power. There is another way to switch on the unit which requires simply turning the knob at the desirable position. The temperature reaches the desired level after waiting for three to five minutes. Most of the herbs used in homeopathic healing and aromatherapy need the vaporizer to be fixed at two-thirds power.

The material should be chopped up or ground during the heating up of Silver Surfer Vaporizer. The ground material should be put into its wand in small quantity. The wand should be one-fourth full. It should be remembered that the material should not be packed tightly in its wand. The wand should than be placed close to heater cover. It fits it perfectly when these two glass pieces come together. When the wand is put in place, inhaling should be started. The air shall then be drawn through its heating element and then warmed up to reach the vaporizing temperature.

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