How Silver Surfer Vaporizer Works?

silver surfer vaporizersSo far, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer has been the only one that has its heating element made of ceramic completely. The heating cover made of glass has a tiny hole in it through which the vaping enthusiast can inhale air. The element is heated to the temperature for vaporizing by this ceramic element. The air which gets heated up goes through the vaporizer’s glass heating cover and then into its glass wand. The air going in gets heated to a temperature perfect for heating up the element or substance. Controlling the degree to which¬† air is heated is done by the rate of inhaling. As the inhalation is done slowly, the air takes more time to go through the heating cover which makes it hotter. In case if slow inhalation seems inappropriate to heat air to the required temperature, it should be inhaled in faster.

The position of the heating element in Silver Surfer Vaporizer is of utmost importance. Other vaporizers that are made in wand style and that are available in the market cause the air which is heated up to go through all electrical connections and wires in the unit. SSV can be said to be one vaporizer that has eliminated all kinds of hot metals and electrical elements from the trajectory of the hot air. This ensures that the vaporization is the cleanest. The air going through SSV is purer and cleaner than that going through Volcano vaporizer. This is most certainly because in case of Volcano air is allowed to go through its unit and through its circuitry as well. The Volcano has the hot air making contact with its screen first prior to vaporizing the material. In Silver Surfer Vaporizer the hot air heats up the element so that air reaching the screen isn’t hot enough for causing metal fumes. Seventh Floor has its screen made of stainless steel in SSV.

Turning the SSV on has two ways. First, the adjustment knob made of glass marble is turned to power fully for two to three minutes. This knob is then required to be turned down to one-third power. The other way for the turning on the unit is by turning the knob on to the required position. Following this the user should wait so that that unit reaches to the desirable temperature in three to five minutes. Most of the elements required for homeopathy and aromatherapy need the Silver Surfer Vaporizer turned to two-thirds power approximately.

It is better to grind the element while the vaporizer is getting heated. The ground element should be put in its wand to fill it to one-fourth of an inch. Care should be taken that the element dos not pack in its wand fully. When the wand has been places properly the inhalation should begin. Air will be drawn through the heating element and then warmed to a vaporizing temperature. In order that its efficiency of vaporization is increased, the element should be stirred.

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