The best hand held portable vaporizers


Pen styled vaporizers owing to their range of features are the recent trends in vaporization. Not only are they portable, but also appeal to the new age users irrespective of gender. The style, simple to use feature and an ability of producing vapor quickly makes it an irresistible purchase. It has become the best choice for all those aiming for a smoke-free lifestyle.

The hottest selling point of the portable vaporizer could be its ability to be used anywhere.  However, the collection of so many pen vaporizers at the market may confuse you, particularly when you’re a starter to vaporization. It is the new harmless alternative to smoking where the herbs, oil or plants are heated at a particular temperature which removes the dangerous by-products. It also safeguards the material against direct burning.

Conduction and convection are the two main methods of vaporization. The former involves heat transfer in terms of the object which is being touched. The latter involves heat transfer through liquid or air-wise movement at a desired temperature.

Mentioned below are some of the vaporizers which are in news these days:

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

This lightweight and portable Atmos Raw vaporizer is built of fine quality materials like stainless steel and ceramic elements. Without any change in the tank, it remains the first vaporizer which can use dry flowers, waxes and oils that give enough flexibility. It is a hot sell in USA for majority of the country cannot access waxes or oils unless the medical laws are in operation. Generally waxes and oils are the concentrates and extremely strong for the starters. A USB or electric adapter can charge the battery of this vaporizer.  The presence of a small but hard black button may frustrate you at times.

G Pen Vaporizer

It is an affordable vaporizer compared to some other varieties available within the market. The oil powered pen styled and portable vaporizer is slim and smaller in size but produces quality vapor.  Despite the small heating chamber, it enables the user to produce three to five large draws of vapor.

For those who feel exhausted in crushing the herbs or plants, it is the right alternative for achieving the desirable tasty flavor. Start off easily by pouring the oil into the tank. The FDA registered product has impressive battery life which allows the user to sleep peacefully at night. The design and features of the portable vaporizer doesn’t allow plants or any herbs so make sure that you have oil related herbs.

Cloud Pen vaporizer   

This newest and purest pen vaporizer has features which are not available with the other vaporizers. It is lightweight, discreet and simple, measuring just four inches in its height. It is a highly portable vaporizer which can use both oil and waxes related herbal concentrates. The locking mechanism keeps it switched off when it’s not in real use. It is quite simple to use and clean up. One year warranty from the manufacturer is another cause for rejoice to the owners. However, the cartridge may need replacement periodically and it might be expensive.

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Benefits of Vaporizing Herbs

Vaporizing herbs provide the following five medical benefitsVaporizing herbs to extract its medical benefits is a fast growing practise. The use of herbs to deal with heath and well being is as old as history. It was a primitive, tried and tested method or rather a tradition. However, the use of vaporizer for the purpose of getting the medical benefits of an herb is comparatively new.

Utility of Vaporization  

By a vaporizer, the herb to be smoked is heated up to convert its active ingredients into vapour. Thus, you are only inhaling the vapour while using this device. This is not about smoking and it has several health benefits for the user.

Vapour is not about smoking

One of the best things to happen while consuming herbs through a vaporizer is receiving its sheer benefits. There is no inhalation of smoke as it has toxic chemicals and by products produced throughout the combustion process. However, benefiting from a healing herb due to smoking has some negative impact on health. In case of vapour, only the positive qualities of the herb come out. Thus, the first and foremost benefit is that you aren’t inhaling the smoke.


Use of vaporizers to breathe the fragrance of herbs inside a living room could be healing. It keeps the mood pleasant but also helps clearing a heavy mind and calming the strained nerves. Quality of livelihood and health is majorly influenced by relaxation. The use of aromatherapy regularly creates different moods for the living space and keeps you healthy.

Use of water

Water is a major requirement irrespective of herb consumption through a vaporizer or releasing its fragrance in the air. Being hydrated and moisturised is a very important aspect of your health. It prevents several modern day illnesses and people staying in colder climates should maintain high moisture content in the air particularly during winter months. Vaporizers help in counteracting the dryness in the atmosphere. It reduces the germs within the air letting the nasal passages function properly at winter months.

The Essence

Many herbs come into use due to their medicinal properties. A vaporizer, primarily used for extracting the healing qualities within the herb, brings the real essence of the verb inside the body. The user isn’t forced to have undesirable secondary ingredients. It is just the natural essence of the verb that is consumed in form of maximum benefits.

Almost a tradition

Use of vaporizers is a modern day practise to stay healthy. There is a saying that people who are able to find rituals within simple acts regularly will achieve both health and happiness. Those who find ritualistic significance in preparation of meals, cleaning the dishes and eliminating the wastes become a balanced and healthy person. Vaporizers use is a modern ritual that can be enjoyed only while practising. The herbal healing process also ensures several health benefits. when it’s used through vaporizers. Thus, it is a value for money product which provides the owner with more than what he or she pays for.

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Storz and Bickel’s Volcano vaporizer has valve system

Storz and Bickel's Volcano vaporizer has valve systemThe German company, namely, Storz & Bickel introduces its volcano vaporizer as a durable and high quality performer. This 800 pound device is available at $500 + for the classic vape and $600+ for the digital one. Although the average user may find it expensive, it is a value for money product. It is unique compared to other vaporizers in features. This product is available in two different varieties.

The Classic volcano vaporizer features a dial design and enables the user to adjust the temperature. It is numbered from 1 to 9 and there is complimentary manual showing a diagram which explains the way numbers point out temperature ranges. As per the website of Storz and Bickel, the classic piece has this temperature range varying from 130°C to 230°C which is equivalent to 266° to 446°F.

In the digital vape, one would find big and conveniently readable LED displays. There are large greenish + and – buttons for adjusting the temperature manually. This digital version comes with a handy feature called automatic switch off feature. Here, the temperature varies from 40°C to 230°C. The different set of temperature ranges in these two has a thing to achieve with digital efficiency of this volcano digit.

There is Solid Valve and Easy Valve balloon technology in the Digital and Classic versions respectively. It is only a simple matter of individual preference here. With this Solid Valve, the user is ensured of durability, re-usability and choosing the balloon size. Although it is cheaper compared to Easy Valve, it requires maintenance which involves taking apart and cleaning. Easy Valve requires minimal maintenance and consists of pre-set balloon. All the users will make savings with Solid Valve as the balloons could be purchased differently. With the Easy Valve, the balloons need to be substituted along with the valve.

Both these valve systems come with different features which will benefit the user undoubtedly. However, using any one for a year would reveal the real utility of these different valve systems. The technology should be durable enough to stay as long as possible. By pushing the valve of this volcano vaporizer connected to this balloon, the vapor releases to be properly inhaled. This vaporizer only uses the balloon and there isn’t any wand whip. Wand whip and vape chamber attachments can be fitted with this classic and digital version.

A bigger filling chamber means that you can insert 2-2.5 gms into it. However, it is advisable not to indulge in such a thing. Tight packing isn’t necessary here for it’s not a bong or smoking bowl. It is a better idea to have some space for hot air within its heating chamber for circulation and properly vaping your buds. Those who aren’t looking for a budget friendly volcano vaporizer are welcome to purchase it. Owing to a solid build quality, this herbal volcano vaporizer will be a long lasting product. It can also serve in dual roles like a restaurant or kitchen appliance. For the aspiring users, it could appear expensive.

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Vaporizer Friendly Safe Herbs

Vaporizer Friendly Safe HerbsMany herbs are safe enough to be used into a vaporizer to treat could, influenza and other respiratory problems. Several forms of herbal vaporizers are found in the market including portable ones and industrial pieces. As a result, you’re ensured of your choice of herbal remedy being administered. However, it is advisable to be careful with medicinal plants and utilize it as per health care specialist’s recommendations. Mentioned below are some of the herbs with medicinal applications:

Rosemary and Thyme Plants       

The oil made out of rosemary plant and the thyme plants are used for many centuries to treat respiratory ailments. Vaporization of rosemary plant or thyme plant is a trusted way for delivering the antimicrobial elements for the lungs. Both of these are highly volatile to say the least. Thus, it is better to take precautionary steps to prevent any accidental combustion during the vaporization process. Thus, handle these plants with extra care when using them for your vaporizers.

The Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is also quite effective as antibacterial plant. Its vapors are gentle for secure administration to the pregnant ladies and children. It is an aromatic plant which has vapors to help in treating unhealthy people going through colds, influenza and various lung disorders. You can use this plant with your vaporizers to relive anyone in your house who is down with cold and relevant ailments.


Expert herbalists note vaporization of chamomile for the gentle sedative effects. It is a secure plant for vaporization and is useful to treat pregnant women and children suffering from light anxiety or insomnia. However, incase insomnia and anxiety are chronic problems, consult the physician immediately.


The sweet smelling and pungent herb is coming into use for centuries owing to its soothing effects. Vaporization of the herb promotes the feelings of comfort and well being. It also delivers powerful anti bacterial vapors all over the body for individuals of every age. It is better to have organic lavender for preventing pesticide or the herbicide absorption during vaporization


Using basil in vaporizers settles the gassy stomach. Calming qualities of the herbal plant gives a relaxing aroma while volatile oils are used in vapor form for the body. It shouldn’t be administered in large dozes for pregnant woman as it could elevate premature contractions.

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Get ready with vaporizers to treat the upcoming winter season

Get ready with vaporizers to treat the upcoming winter seasonThe cold season is already knocking on the door which calls for exercising caution. Apart from timely consumption of vitamins, washing hands regularly should be a priority. To survive the cold more easily, go for vaporizers without a second thought. The winter season doesn’t spare any one from catching cold and you could slip out on personal and professional commitments.  Consequently, you should be more careful to prevent it. However, instead of worrying about your health, purchase a vaporizer to fight and prevent the symptoms of cold and influenza. It is an effective device to cure both these conditions. The inhalation device gives off vapor and has multiple forms of extraction chambers.

Some of the common sights during winter are congestion, watery eyes, running nose, headaches, sore throat, sneezing and coughing. These are the symptoms of cold people suffer and often take physician’s prescribed medicines to recover. In case you have a tendency to catch cold, you should take rest and ensure that your body is well hydrated. By having vaporizers for your home, take the preventive approach. By adding moisture in the air, vaporizers make breathing easier. It will easy up the path to recovery making you feel better. You can place it nearby bed or somewhere you spend your maximum time while recovering.

If you are using vaporizers, you should remember how it gets heated up. These machines use steam for adding moisture in the air that turns the device hot as a result. You may get burned from the steam that comes out. Similarly, the casing or housing of this device often gets heated up on the touch. Thus, you should be careful while placing them. Keep them away from the reach of your children and don’t keep it anywhere that it would be easily knocked off. If you want to put a vaporizer into your child’s room, go for the cool mist device. Instead of using heat, these machines emit cool mist into the air for creating moisture. They would be working good enough and cut down on the probable risk and dangers associated with it. As a result, the fear of getting hurt or injured is completely removed.

Vaporizer machines are used in medical field for treating patients, who suffer from epilepsy, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. Some of the factors influencing its output are temperature, specimen density, etc. It is also used by chefs for applying heat to the herbs and spices for releasing certain flavors.  There is some vaporizer machines used as electronic cigarettes. These produce vapors which resemble smoke acting as replacement therapy.

While gearing up for the upcoming winter, make sure that you have plans ready to battle the cold. You can purchase a vaporizer for your home to reap the benefits. As a result, it not just you but also your family members who’ll easily recover from cold. Life is more interesting and adventurous when you are fit and healthy.

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Why Vaporizers Should be Used?

Why Vaporizers Should be Used?Health, fitness and nutrition are being discussed more than throughout the world. The concern is greater in developed countries as there are fewer other issues that demand more attention. The promotion of healthy lifestyle has been considerably successful especially in America so far. The awareness about the hazards of harmful habits and addictions such as smoking is increasing among the locals. The pace at which the vaporizers are gaining popularity is evidence of the fact that people prioritize health over addiction.

Smoking causes many serious diseases and disorders, on top of the list of which is cancer always. Around 90% of the patients of lung cancer develop the issue due to smoking. Besides, premature death, heart diseases and chronic respiratory disorders are some of the other health risks that are associated with smoking. However, many of those who smoke are victims of addictions. They succumb to the urge of their desire to smoke despite the knowledge of its ill-effect. Addicts need safe or less hazardous alternative in order to transform their habits into a completely healthy one. Vaporizers are the best solution that can be offered to them. It allows them to enjoy the herb that they are addicted to but minus the smoke. Even those who are not addicted but have poor control over their desire can consider buying a vaporizer to save them from the harm of smoking.

Cigarettes and other types of smoking systems that are available in the market burn the herb that they contain. The combustion emits carcinogen, tar and toxin that are inhaled directly into the lungs. It has been proven that the default filters in the cigarettes are of little help. On the other hand, vaporizers are made to heat the herb that is fed into it. They are specially designed to avoid combustion of the material. Thus, they always generate vapor but never smoke.

There are many vaporizers that can even combust the herbs. However, such models always provide detailed information on heat and temperature settings. The growing concern for the provision of safe alternative to smoking for people has been one of the factors in the innovation of vaporizer. A vaporizer heats the materials up to just below their relative combustion point. That is why it does not generate smoke. Thus, it eliminates the scope for release of carcinogen, tar and toxin from the herbs. Since a vaporizer releases only vapor, it is safe unlike cigarettes.

Vaporizers heat the herbs to just below the combustion point, and thus, ensure that the vapor generated due to heat contains maximum flavor and effect of the herb that is fed into it. Therefore, as the users inhale the vapor they can have experience similar to that of smoking cigarettes, but always minus the health risk. Besides, a vaporizer is cost-effective as it can utilize the herbs for multiple uses, unlike cigarettes. Moreover, different models are designed with specific need and demand of people in consideration. So, there is a suitable variety in the market for everyone.

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Technique Of Using The Unique Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Technique Of Using The Unique Silver Surfer VaporizerThere is no vaporizer in the market like the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Unlike Silver Surfer, the heating element in none of the vaporizers is all-ceramic. The glass cover of the heater features a small opening for inhalation of the vapour. The air heats up due to the ceramic heating component to the temperature where it vaporizes. The glass cover of the heater of Silver Surfer becomes the passage or the hot air, which then enters the wand made of glass.

The inhalable air does not heat up sufficiently for vaporisation the tobacco for smoking. The hotness of the vapour can be controlled by varying the frequency of inhalation. When users inhale slowly, the air remains inside the glass cover of the heater for longer, and therefore, become more heated. However, even if slow inhalation does not heat up the air enough to vaporise the tobacco, users can simply increase the heat with the help of the regulator.

One of the most important features of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is the placement of the ceramic component. Other vaporizers with different style of wand allow passage to the hot air through electrical connections and wires. The SSV has eliminated all electronic components and hot wires from the passage for the hot air. Thus, Silver Surfer provides the cleanest vapour. The vapour generated by a Volcano vaporizer, which is considered as a competitor of SSV, is not as pure as that generated by the latter. It is due to the passage of air through the circuitry and device in case of Volcano, the design of which reaches the screen before it vaporizes herbal material. Therefore, the vapour does not remain hot enough for generation of fume when it reaches the screen. The 7th Floor uses a screen of stainless steel too. Thus, prospective customers can judge which one is the best for them.


There are different ways of vaporizing with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Users can turn the regulator glass knob to maximum heat for a few minutes and then turn it down to one-third of full strength. In this way the heater gets adequately heated before it is fed with herbs. Otherwise, users can regulate the power to a desired point and wait for a few minutes to let the device heat up. Users can grind the herb in the meantime. Typically, homoeopathic and aroma-therapeutic herbs vaporize at two-third of the full heat.

The appropriate proportion of herb to be fed is ¼ of the total capacity, since it allows the material to get properly evaporate.

Replacing the screen

The screen can be easily changed with the help of a stick. The older one needs to be removed while the fresh one has to be inserted in its place.

Using Oil Diffuser

Users only need to place the oil diffuser of their favourite scent. The heat of Silver Surfer Vaporizer needs to be reduced to ¼ of the maximum power. Notably, hot dish should not be placed on cool surface or vice versa in order prevent oil diffuser from cracking.

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Official review of Magic Flight Launch Box

Official review of Magic Flight Launch Box
Magic Flight Launch Box is a decent product. However, it may let down those with high expectation. It is suitable for those who want a discreet and cheap portable vaporizer for the times they cannot access their home unit. The competitive price of MFLB makes it even more considerable. But it is not for those who want high-quality vapour since MFLB is effective only on dry-herbs. The price seems expensive when observed from that perspective. In fact, hardly any portable vaporizer emits high-quality vapour as desired by many. Moreover, MFLB has not been launched with any promise for improvement either.

The Package

MFLB is in a small white box that is covered into another box by the courier service vaproviders. Inside the white box is another sleek box made of tin, and black in colour. It can remind many of collecting hockey and baseball cards as children. The logo of Magic Flight printed with bright neon on the lid makes it playful without losing its professional character. The black felt lining at the box-interior makes it suitable for use while travelling. Other items that comprise the package are: cleaning brush – 1 unit, draw stem – 1 unit, battery caps – 2 units, charge station – 1 unit and charged NiMH battery – 2 units. AA batteries do not work with MFLB.


The batteries can be simply plugged into the outlet for recharging and into MFLB for powering it. Each battery can provide power for 2 – 3 packs. Though it is usually sufficient, especially with option to alternate, longer life is expected from a portable product that is built to be used while travelling. The Flight Guide is helpful and provides details on maintenance, theory and techniques.

Grinding the herbs fine is the first task. Uneven herbs do not vaporize uniformly and are wasted. The ground herbs should be dumped not exceeding than the depth of the trench. The best feature of MFLB is its rapidity. As soon as the lid is snapped and battery is inserted, the vapour appears to generate. What others do in minutes, MFLB does in seconds. So, it takes around one-tenth of the time taken by other vaporizers to show effect. A small light on the surface rear to the trench glows to indicate the engagement of the battery. Mixing the herb after each hit is recommended for better result.


MFLB cannot preserve the herb-taste. It creates definitely noticeable smell when used for sipping. It is not suitable for good-quality herbs since the experience of smoking does not vary. Those who have newly entered the domain of vaporizers and need acquaintance before using V-Tower and/or Volcano  will find MFLB useful. However, it cannot be considered as a replacement to vaporizers that support combustion too. It resists wind, and so, it is suitable to be used during short walks.

Perhaps, MFLB is stealthier than all of the portable vaporizers. Typically, 1 is pack sufficient for a single person. Magic Flight Launch vaporizer outstands in terms of customer service too.

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Volcano vaporizer imparts pure aroma flavors in cuisines

Volcano vaporizer imparts pure aroma flavors in cuisinesThe Volcano Vaporization System is a new technology to make eating an unforgettable experience. This vaporizer helps the user enjoy the sheer pleasure of pure natural flavors of aroma world. It is prepared on the lines of hyper modern cooking for extracting, refining and purifying aroma from its natural source. The vaporizer features among the modern culinary equipments. It is designed to ensure the right blend of flavors as desirable in creative and experimental food preparations.

There is always a concern among the people with regards to the consequence of their choice. Not to worry, this volcano vaporizer resorts to aromatization without spoiling the expected taste of foods. Aromatization is basically the procedure of adding pure aromatic vapors for flavoring the food. This machine releases those aromas and scents which are delicate in nature. There are options in temperature ranges during aromatization process. Consequently, the user is able to set the required temperature that would release aroma vapes in a controllable manner.

Flavoring the food with aromatic pleasures created by volcano vaporizer is a widely practiced culinary method of vaporization. One of the delicious examples is aromatization of crabmeat with thyme. During this process of aroma powered dish preparation, the food is stuffed inside an single oven tube. Purified aromas are fitted into the tube.  When cooking is on progress inside the oven, aroma gently permeates the food. There are many restaurants that make aroma pillows by vaporization of the herbs. In this process, a bell like shaped covering comes into play as it captures the volcano generated aroma vapors. Afterwards, the prepared food is presented on table to lift the cover and let the aroma disperse comfortably. In the modern kitchens, the following aromatic vapors tease gustatory nerves inspiring a refined unforgettable taste.

These days, the chefs are more often on experimental mode. They try playing with varieties of aroma to add uniqueness into their food preparations. The aroma pillow method is a modern cooking technique. It serves as a simple way for creating an ambient aroma as the guests are indulging in the food presented. Here, the main concept involves gradually delivering aromas while the meal is on progress. In this case, Volcano Vaporizer inflates an over tubular pillow in order to dispense the aroma. After the pillow is filled up, one needs to ensure the vapor remain inside. It can be done by sealing the tube.

The pillow should be pierced with small holes before the food is served. Placing the pillow down the plate followed by serving on the table should be fine. During the meal, aroma will gradually spread everywhere creating a different yet pleasurable environment. The Volcano Vaporization System isn’t a hard thing to understand. Some easy to follow methods will give a new definition and dimension to usual dining experience. The entire effort could be a new learning experience for the amateur cooking professionals. For the home cooks, it makes them more skillful in treating guests, family members and friends with pure flavored food.

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Uses and Remedies of a Vaporizer

WISPR-2 vaporizerVaporisation is the process of evaporation of liquid due to heat. Generally, a setup that can facilitate evaporation of any liquid can be called a vaporizer. However, the term vaporizer is used to refer to a specific type of device that is designed to produce vapour of liquid as well as solid such as certain herbs. Vaporizers are portable equipment that are typically used to generate vapour for indulgent consumption. They are extensively used in place of a cool mist humidifier. The advantage with a vaporizer is that it boils the liquid before release its vapour. Thus, there is hardly any chance of germy contamination of the vapour. The vapour released by vaporizers can be used for various purposes. It can be used for sheer pleasure as well as sheer medical treatment.


The main use of a vaporizer in the present age commonly is changing the environmental and atmospheric humidity. That is why regular vaporizing devices are mainly used in winters nowadays. Winters are cold and dry in most countries. So, a vaporizer can increase the moisture inside enclosed rooms. The device is fed with water, which is transformed into steam due to heat. The steam is gently blown out of the device into the surrounding air, making the surroundings relatively warm and moist. Even NIH recognises this benefit of vaporizing devices.


Another significant utility of vaporizers is diffusion. They can be utilised in place of diffusers too. They are purposefully built to diffuse the scent of natural essential oil such as eucalyptus oil and lavender oil, or any other any liquid additive. Menthol and camphor are extensively used with vaporizer units too. When these ingredients are used in a vaporizer, the steam carries their scent and healing properties along with it into the air. Thus, the soothing and healing properties of those ingredients become generally present in the air inside the room. Prolonged and regular inhalation of beneficial additives relieves chest congestion, sinus congestion, stuffy nose, allergies or cold.

Dry Body Tissue

Dried body tissues can be remedied with the help of vaporizers too. Skin tissues can dry for various reasons. The consequence of natural process of aging and living in dry or less humid places are some of the top reasons. According to NIH, dry nose, dry throat, dry mouth, dry lips, dry skin, etc. are symptoms that appear only in less humid or dry conditions. A vaporizer can prevent dryness of body tissues or expedite the process of healing.


Reduction in congestion is another important benefit of vaporizers. Its significance and benefits become clear when one or more inhabitants of the place where a vaporizer is used have allergy. Similarly, the device is useful towards quick haling of cold. Prolonged and regular inhalation of moist vapour loosens mucus jammed anywhere in the respiratory system. Thus, it relieves users from stuffy nose, chest congestion, etc., according to AAP. However, vaporizers demand high degree of safety. If a unit is within the range of children’s reach, not only is the device at risk of damage the children can get burnt too.

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