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Benefits of Vaporizing Herbs

Vaporizing herbs provide the following five medical benefitsVaporizing herbs to extract its medical benefits is a fast growing practise. The use of herbs to deal with heath and well being is as old as history. It was a primitive, tried and tested method or rather a tradition. However, the use of vaporizer for the purpose of getting the medical benefits of an herb is comparatively new.

Utility of Vaporization  

By a vaporizer, the herb to be smoked is heated up to convert its active ingredients into vapour. Thus, you are only inhaling the vapour while using this device. This is not about smoking and it has several health benefits for the user.

Vapour is not about smoking

One of the best things to happen while consuming herbs through a vaporizer is receiving its sheer benefits. There is no inhalation of smoke as it has toxic chemicals and by products produced throughout the combustion process. However, benefiting from a healing herb due to smoking has some negative impact on health. In case of vapour, only the positive qualities of the herb come out. Thus, the first and foremost benefit is that you aren’t inhaling the smoke.


Use of vaporizers to breathe the fragrance of herbs inside a living room could be healing. It keeps the mood pleasant but also helps clearing a heavy mind and calming the strained nerves. Quality of livelihood and health is majorly influenced by relaxation. The use of aromatherapy regularly creates different moods for the living space and keeps you healthy.

Use of water

Water is a major requirement irrespective of herb consumption through a vaporizer or releasing its fragrance in the air. Being hydrated and moisturised is a very important aspect of your health. It prevents several modern day illnesses and people staying in colder climates should maintain high moisture content in the air particularly during winter months. Vaporizers help in counteracting the dryness in the atmosphere. It reduces the germs within the air letting the nasal passages function properly at winter months.

The Essence

Many herbs come into use due to their medicinal properties. A vaporizer, primarily used for extracting the healing qualities within the herb, brings the real essence of the verb inside the body. The user isn’t forced to have undesirable secondary ingredients. It is just the natural essence of the verb that is consumed in form of maximum benefits.

Almost a tradition

Use of vaporizers is a modern day practise to stay healthy. There is a saying that people who are able to find rituals within simple acts regularly will achieve both health and happiness. Those who find ritualistic significance in preparation of meals, cleaning the dishes and eliminating the wastes become a balanced and healthy person. Vaporizers use is a modern ritual that can be enjoyed only while practising. The herbal healing process also ensures several health benefits. when it’s used through vaporizers. Thus, it is a value for money product which provides the owner with more than what he or she pays for.

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Storz and Bickel’s Volcano vaporizer has valve system

Storz and Bickel's Volcano vaporizer has valve systemThe German company, namely, Storz & Bickel introduces its volcano vaporizer as a durable and high quality performer. This 800 pound device is available at $500 + for the classic vape and $600+ for the digital one. Although the average user may find it expensive, it is a value for money product. It is unique compared to other vaporizers in features. This product is available in two different varieties.

The Classic volcano vaporizer features a dial design and enables the user to adjust the temperature. It is numbered from 1 to 9 and there is complimentary manual showing a diagram which explains the way numbers point out temperature ranges. As per the website of Storz and Bickel, the classic piece has this temperature range varying from 130°C to 230°C which is equivalent to 266° to 446°F.

In the digital vape, one would find big and conveniently readable LED displays. There are large greenish + and – buttons for adjusting the temperature manually. This digital version comes with a handy feature called automatic switch off feature. Here, the temperature varies from 40°C to 230°C. The different set of temperature ranges in these two has a thing to achieve with digital efficiency of this volcano digit.

There is Solid Valve and Easy Valve balloon technology in the Digital and Classic versions respectively. It is only a simple matter of individual preference here. With this Solid Valve, the user is ensured of durability, re-usability and choosing the balloon size. Although it is cheaper compared to Easy Valve, it requires maintenance which involves taking apart and cleaning. Easy Valve requires minimal maintenance and consists of pre-set balloon. All the users will make savings with Solid Valve as the balloons could be purchased differently. With the Easy Valve, the balloons need to be substituted along with the valve.

Both these valve systems come with different features which will benefit the user undoubtedly. However, using any one for a year would reveal the real utility of these different valve systems. The technology should be durable enough to stay as long as possible. By pushing the valve of this volcano vaporizer connected to this balloon, the vapor releases to be properly inhaled. This vaporizer only uses the balloon and there isn’t any wand whip. Wand whip and vape chamber attachments can be fitted with this classic and digital version.

A bigger filling chamber means that you can insert 2-2.5 gms into it. However, it is advisable not to indulge in such a thing. Tight packing isn’t necessary here for it’s not a bong or smoking bowl. It is a better idea to have some space for hot air within its heating chamber for circulation and properly vaping your buds. Those who aren’t looking for a budget friendly volcano vaporizer are welcome to purchase it. Owing to a solid build quality, this herbal volcano vaporizer will be a long lasting product. It can also serve in dual roles like a restaurant or kitchen appliance. For the aspiring users, it could appear expensive.

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Vaporizer Friendly Safe Herbs

Vaporizer Friendly Safe HerbsMany herbs are safe enough to be used into a vaporizer to treat could, influenza and other respiratory problems. Several forms of herbal vaporizers are found in the market including portable ones and industrial pieces. As a result, you’re ensured of your choice of herbal remedy being administered. However, it is advisable to be careful with medicinal plants and utilize it as per health care specialist’s recommendations. Mentioned below are some of the herbs with medicinal applications:

Rosemary and Thyme Plants       

The oil made out of rosemary plant and the thyme plants are used for many centuries to treat respiratory ailments. Vaporization of rosemary plant or thyme plant is a trusted way for delivering the antimicrobial elements for the lungs. Both of these are highly volatile to say the least. Thus, it is better to take precautionary steps to prevent any accidental combustion during the vaporization process. Thus, handle these plants with extra care when using them for your vaporizers.

The Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is also quite effective as antibacterial plant. Its vapors are gentle for secure administration to the pregnant ladies and children. It is an aromatic plant which has vapors to help in treating unhealthy people going through colds, influenza and various lung disorders. You can use this plant with your vaporizers to relive anyone in your house who is down with cold and relevant ailments.


Expert herbalists note vaporization of chamomile for the gentle sedative effects. It is a secure plant for vaporization and is useful to treat pregnant women and children suffering from light anxiety or insomnia. However, incase insomnia and anxiety are chronic problems, consult the physician immediately.


The sweet smelling and pungent herb is coming into use for centuries owing to its soothing effects. Vaporization of the herb promotes the feelings of comfort and well being. It also delivers powerful anti bacterial vapors all over the body for individuals of every age. It is better to have organic lavender for preventing pesticide or the herbicide absorption during vaporization


Using basil in vaporizers settles the gassy stomach. Calming qualities of the herbal plant gives a relaxing aroma while volatile oils are used in vapor form for the body. It shouldn’t be administered in large dozes for pregnant woman as it could elevate premature contractions.

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