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The best hand held portable vaporizers


Pen styled vaporizers owing to their range of features are the recent trends in vaporization. Not only are they portable, but also appeal to the new age users irrespective of gender. The style, simple to use feature and an ability of producing vapor quickly makes it an irresistible purchase. It has become the best choice for all those aiming for a smoke-free lifestyle.

The hottest selling point of the portable vaporizer could be its ability to be used anywhere.  However, the collection of so many pen vaporizers at the market may confuse you, particularly when you’re a starter to vaporization. It is the new harmless alternative to smoking where the herbs, oil or plants are heated at a particular temperature which removes the dangerous by-products. It also safeguards the material against direct burning.

Conduction and convection are the two main methods of vaporization. The former involves heat transfer in terms of the object which is being touched. The latter involves heat transfer through liquid or air-wise movement at a desired temperature.

Mentioned below are some of the vaporizers which are in news these days:

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

This lightweight and portable Atmos Raw vaporizer is built of fine quality materials like stainless steel and ceramic elements. Without any change in the tank, it remains the first vaporizer which can use dry flowers, waxes and oils that give enough flexibility. It is a hot sell in USA for majority of the country cannot access waxes or oils unless the medical laws are in operation. Generally waxes and oils are the concentrates and extremely strong for the starters. A USB or electric adapter can charge the battery of this vaporizer.  The presence of a small but hard black button may frustrate you at times.

G Pen Vaporizer

It is an affordable vaporizer compared to some other varieties available within the market. The oil powered pen styled and portable vaporizer is slim and smaller in size but produces quality vapor.  Despite the small heating chamber, it enables the user to produce three to five large draws of vapor.

For those who feel exhausted in crushing the herbs or plants, it is the right alternative for achieving the desirable tasty flavor. Start off easily by pouring the oil into the tank. The FDA registered product has impressive battery life which allows the user to sleep peacefully at night. The design and features of the portable vaporizer doesn’t allow plants or any herbs so make sure that you have oil related herbs.

Cloud Pen vaporizer   

This newest and purest pen vaporizer has features which are not available with the other vaporizers. It is lightweight, discreet and simple, measuring just four inches in its height. It is a highly portable vaporizer which can use both oil and waxes related herbal concentrates. The locking mechanism keeps it switched off when it’s not in real use. It is quite simple to use and clean up. One year warranty from the manufacturer is another cause for rejoice to the owners. However, the cartridge may need replacement periodically and it might be expensive.

Image credit: Atmos USA Vaporizers

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