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Technique Of Using The Unique Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Technique Of Using The Unique Silver Surfer VaporizerThere is no vaporizer in the market like the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Unlike Silver Surfer, the heating element in none of the vaporizers is all-ceramic. The glass cover of the heater features a small opening for inhalation of the vapour. The air heats up due to the ceramic heating component to the temperature where it vaporizes. The glass cover of the heater of Silver Surfer becomes the passage or the hot air, which then enters the wand made of glass.

The inhalable air does not heat up sufficiently for vaporisation the tobacco for smoking. The hotness of the vapour can be controlled by varying the frequency of inhalation. When users inhale slowly, the air remains inside the glass cover of the heater for longer, and therefore, become more heated. However, even if slow inhalation does not heat up the air enough to vaporise the tobacco, users can simply increase the heat with the help of the regulator.

One of the most important features of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is the placement of the ceramic component. Other vaporizers with different style of wand allow passage to the hot air through electrical connections and wires. The SSV has eliminated all electronic components and hot wires from the passage for the hot air. Thus, Silver Surfer provides the cleanest vapour. The vapour generated by a Volcano vaporizer, which is considered as a competitor of SSV, is not as pure as that generated by the latter. It is due to the passage of air through the circuitry and device in case of Volcano, the design of which reaches the screen before it vaporizes herbal material. Therefore, the vapour does not remain hot enough for generation of fume when it reaches the screen. The 7th Floor uses a screen of stainless steel too. Thus, prospective customers can judge which one is the best for them.


There are different ways of vaporizing with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Users can turn the regulator glass knob to maximum heat for a few minutes and then turn it down to one-third of full strength. In this way the heater gets adequately heated before it is fed with herbs. Otherwise, users can regulate the power to a desired point and wait for a few minutes to let the device heat up. Users can grind the herb in the meantime. Typically, homoeopathic and aroma-therapeutic herbs vaporize at two-third of the full heat.

The appropriate proportion of herb to be fed is ¼ of the total capacity, since it allows the material to get properly evaporate.

Replacing the screen

The screen can be easily changed with the help of a stick. The older one needs to be removed while the fresh one has to be inserted in its place.

Using Oil Diffuser

Users only need to place the oil diffuser of their favourite scent. The heat of Silver Surfer Vaporizer needs to be reduced to ¼ of the maximum power. Notably, hot dish should not be placed on cool surface or vice versa in order prevent oil diffuser from cracking.

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Review of Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer VaporizerSiler Surfer is among the top vaporizers that are available in the market. It offers the flexibility of customisation to buyers so that they can create a unique vaporizer for themselves. Silver Surfer Vaporizer has a wide range of designs and extensive array of colours available. Silver Surfer wand, heat cover and the vaporizer are produced with many personalisation options for users.

Temperature dial, heat cover and wand constitute a Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Interestingly, all the components are unique and none of the items are same. Silver Surfer Vaporizer is produced in Colorado. They are items of glass that is hand blown for the purpose and every piece is an artwork of the manufacturer. The heating component of Silver Surfer is a ceramic part while the device also incorporates glass-to-glass components in order to facilitate better vapour consumption. It functions on the mechanism of Convection, which why users can better control the application of temperature onto the consumable product.

Heat cover and wand: Silver Surfer heat cover and wand are manufactured in 3 different varieties. A suitable heat cover is provided with every wand of different style. The offered choices are – Ground Glass, Spherical Ground Glass and Standard Glass.

Spherical Ground Glass: The name of the variety describes it. The product in this type of Silver Surfer Vaporizer does not need to be stirred and the wand can be positioned at various angles for greater vaporising exeprience.

Ground Glass: This variety eliminates the need for the hands of the user. Both glass parts are attached with tight seals. Ground Glass is a good choice to make.

Standard Glass: This choice eliminates the need for the product to be stirred. Just by angling the wand to different positions, the air can be allowed passage through the product. Thus, the removal of desired constituent is cleaner and even.

Working mechanism

The vaporising experience begins at switching the vaporizer on and selecting the desired temperature. The substance needs to be fed into its wand, which has to be placed on heater cover. It is stated that quick inhalation offers great outcome. The temperature can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the frequency of inhalation.

There are many reasons that make vaporiser a less harmful choice to maintain lifestyle. It is based on mechanism of boiling the component that is fed into to the point that it starts to produce vapour. Thus, it does not release the hazardous components that are generated when the substance is burnt for smoking. Silver Surfer Vaporizer is very economical as it takes only a little dose of the substance to offer desired vaporising experience. Thus, it is highly cost-effective in the present age of economic inflation.

Cleaning Silver Surfer

This Vaporizer should be cleaned regularly. Isopropyl alcohol is a simple and great product for the purpose. Interestingly, the wand is the only component that needs cleaning. Moreover, the resin can be retrieved and kept in its wand to be used in future. However, the stainless tubes and screens should be exchanged when needed.

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How Silver Surfer Vaporizer Works?

silver surfer vaporizersSo far, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer has been the only one that has its heating element made of ceramic completely. The heating cover made of glass has a tiny hole in it through which the vaping enthusiast can inhale air. The element is heated to the temperature for vaporizing by this ceramic element. The air which gets heated up goes through the vaporizer’s glass heating cover and then into its glass wand. The air going in gets heated to a temperature perfect for heating up the element or substance. Controlling the degree to which  air is heated is done by the rate of inhaling. As the inhalation is done slowly, the air takes more time to go through the heating cover which makes it hotter. In case if slow inhalation seems inappropriate to heat air to the required temperature, it should be inhaled in faster.

The position of the heating element in Silver Surfer Vaporizer is of utmost importance. Other vaporizers that are made in wand style and that are available in the market cause the air which is heated up to go through all electrical connections and wires in the unit. SSV can be said to be one vaporizer that has eliminated all kinds of hot metals and electrical elements from the trajectory of the hot air. This ensures that the vaporization is the cleanest. The air going through SSV is purer and cleaner than that going through Volcano vaporizer. This is most certainly because in case of Volcano air is allowed to go through its unit and through its circuitry as well. The Volcano has the hot air making contact with its screen first prior to vaporizing the material. In Silver Surfer Vaporizer the hot air heats up the element so that air reaching the screen isn’t hot enough for causing metal fumes. Seventh Floor has its screen made of stainless steel in SSV.

Turning the SSV on has two ways. First, the adjustment knob made of glass marble is turned to power fully for two to three minutes. This knob is then required to be turned down to one-third power. The other way for the turning on the unit is by turning the knob on to the required position. Following this the user should wait so that that unit reaches to the desirable temperature in three to five minutes. Most of the elements required for homeopathy and aromatherapy need the Silver Surfer Vaporizer turned to two-thirds power approximately.

It is better to grind the element while the vaporizer is getting heated. The ground element should be put in its wand to fill it to one-fourth of an inch. Care should be taken that the element dos not pack in its wand fully. When the wand has been places properly the inhalation should begin. Air will be drawn through the heating element and then warmed to a vaporizing temperature. In order that its efficiency of vaporization is increased, the element should be stirred.

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New Silver Surfer Vaporizer: On A Distant Moon Wave Rider


Here is our new in-house On A Distant Moon Wave Rider by our New Media Director, Elyssa Robbins. This is the second custom Wave Rider of many to come, in our all new Cosmic Collection. Ride the wave on a moon of a far off planet with this explosively colored vaporizer! The vape is engraved with an edition number above the dimmer light. The baseplate comes in purple, but you have the option to choose a different color. 


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