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Official review of Magic Flight Launch Box

Official review of Magic Flight Launch Box
Magic Flight Launch Box is a decent product. However, it may let down those with high expectation. It is suitable for those who want a discreet and cheap portable vaporizer for the times they cannot access their home unit. The competitive price of MFLB makes it even more considerable. But it is not for those who want high-quality vapour since MFLB is effective only on dry-herbs. The price seems expensive when observed from that perspective. In fact, hardly any portable vaporizer emits high-quality vapour as desired by many. Moreover, MFLB has not been launched with any promise for improvement either.

The Package

MFLB is in a small white box that is covered into another box by the courier service vaproviders. Inside the white box is another sleek box made of tin, and black in colour. It can remind many of collecting hockey and baseball cards as children. The logo of Magic Flight printed with bright neon on the lid makes it playful without losing its professional character. The black felt lining at the box-interior makes it suitable for use while travelling. Other items that comprise the package are: cleaning brush – 1 unit, draw stem – 1 unit, battery caps – 2 units, charge station – 1 unit and charged NiMH battery – 2 units. AA batteries do not work with MFLB.


The batteries can be simply plugged into the outlet for recharging and into MFLB for powering it. Each battery can provide power for 2 – 3 packs. Though it is usually sufficient, especially with option to alternate, longer life is expected from a portable product that is built to be used while travelling. The Flight Guide is helpful and provides details on maintenance, theory and techniques.

Grinding the herbs fine is the first task. Uneven herbs do not vaporize uniformly and are wasted. The ground herbs should be dumped not exceeding than the depth of the trench. The best feature of MFLB is its rapidity. As soon as the lid is snapped and battery is inserted, the vapour appears to generate. What others do in minutes, MFLB does in seconds. So, it takes around one-tenth of the time taken by other vaporizers to show effect. A small light on the surface rear to the trench glows to indicate the engagement of the battery. Mixing the herb after each hit is recommended for better result.


MFLB cannot preserve the herb-taste. It creates definitely noticeable smell when used for sipping. It is not suitable for good-quality herbs since the experience of smoking does not vary. Those who have newly entered the domain of vaporizers and need acquaintance before using V-Tower and/or Volcano  will find MFLB useful. However, it cannot be considered as a replacement to vaporizers that support combustion too. It resists wind, and so, it is suitable to be used during short walks.

Perhaps, MFLB is stealthier than all of the portable vaporizers. Typically, 1 is pack sufficient for a single person. Magic Flight Launch vaporizer outstands in terms of customer service too.

Image credit: magic-flight.com

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