Technique Of Using The Unique Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Technique Of Using The Unique Silver Surfer VaporizerThere is no vaporizer in the market like the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Unlike Silver Surfer, the heating element in none of the vaporizers is all-ceramic. The glass cover of the heater features a small opening for inhalation of the vapour. The air heats up due to the ceramic heating component to the temperature where it vaporizes. The glass cover of the heater of Silver Surfer becomes the passage or the hot air, which then enters the wand made of glass.

The inhalable air does not heat up sufficiently for vaporisation the tobacco for smoking. The hotness of the vapour can be controlled by varying the frequency of inhalation. When users inhale slowly, the air remains inside the glass cover of the heater for longer, and therefore, become more heated. However, even if slow inhalation does not heat up the air enough to vaporise the tobacco, users can simply increase the heat with the help of the regulator.

One of the most important features of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is the placement of the ceramic component. Other vaporizers with different style of wand allow passage to the hot air through electrical connections and wires. The SSV has eliminated all electronic components and hot wires from the passage for the hot air. Thus, Silver Surfer provides the cleanest vapour. The vapour generated by a Volcano vaporizer, which is considered as a competitor of SSV, is not as pure as that generated by the latter. It is due to the passage of air through the circuitry and device in case of Volcano, the design of which reaches the screen before it vaporizes herbal material. Therefore, the vapour does not remain hot enough for generation of fume when it reaches the screen. The 7th Floor uses a screen of stainless steel too. Thus, prospective customers can judge which one is the best for them.


There are different ways of vaporizing with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Users can turn the regulator glass knob to maximum heat for a few minutes and then turn it down to one-third of full strength. In this way the heater gets adequately heated before it is fed with herbs. Otherwise, users can regulate the power to a desired point and wait for a few minutes to let the device heat up. Users can grind the herb in the meantime. Typically, homoeopathic and aroma-therapeutic herbs vaporize at two-third of the full heat.

The appropriate proportion of herb to be fed is ¼ of the total capacity, since it allows the material to get properly evaporate.

Replacing the screen

The screen can be easily changed with the help of a stick. The older one needs to be removed while the fresh one has to be inserted in its place.

Using Oil Diffuser

Users only need to place the oil diffuser of their favourite scent. The heat of Silver Surfer Vaporizer needs to be reduced to ¼ of the maximum power. Notably, hot dish should not be placed on cool surface or vice versa in order prevent oil diffuser from cracking.

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