Frequently asked questions about vaporizers

Frequently asked questions about vaporizersVaporizer has emerged has a competitive and healthier option for smokers. It is cleaner and is even helpful towards quitting the habit of smoking. Besides, it is used in aromatherapy for relaxing. Quite naturally, there are FAQ about vaporizer that need to b explained to the public.

Following are some FAQ about vaporizer answered:

What is called a vaporizer?

An equipment that can heat dried herbs enough to release their vapour is called a vaporizer. The vapour is typically aromatic and contains medically active elements. Unlike smoke, it does contain toxic components.

What is the differentiating factor for a water pipe or a bong and a vaporizer?

It is a technically sound FAQ about vaporizer. Bong burns herbs, which release smoke, which is passed through water to get filtered before inhalation. Vaporizers do not release smoke and, so, do not need water for filtration.

Are vaporizers really that healthier than cigarettes?

Yes, undoubtedly. In fact, use of vaporizers should be encouraged to eliminate smoking.

Do vaporizers smell while in use?

Vaporizers hardly have noticeable foul smell in comparison to cigarettes. Slight scent can be produced if the vaporizers are used at too high a temperature, where elements combust.

Does the heating component of vaporizers matter?

All heating elements are safe but some are more stable or safer than others. Please visit out ‘types of vaporizers’ page for more information.

How is conduction different from convection?

The substances are heated by direct contact in conduction but, in convection, it is heated by hot air. Our ‘types of vaporizers’ page contains more information.

Can all vaporizers be used for aromatherapy too?

No, there are vaporizers that are supplied with extra parts to facilitate vaporisation of Can all vaporizers be used for aromatherapy tootinctures and oil. Inhalation of medicinal plant vapour is not called aromatherapy but phyto-inhalation. Our table ‘vaporizing temperatures’ lists suitable herbs for the purpose.

Why some vaporizers are so expensive?

It ought to be an obvious FAQ about a vaporizer. The cost of vaporizers depends upon the manufacturing materials and the technology on which they work. However, not all expensive vaporizers are good, and the vice versa is true too.

How to make vaporizer?

A vaporizer can be made from a small iron pipe or glass bong with Vapo-bowl or Vaporstar respectively. Heat guns should not be used to make vaporizers since they are not safe for inhalation.

How difficult is using vaporizers?

Generally, it is not difficult. However, refilling, cleaning, etc. can be bothersome in case of some models.

How to clean vaporizer?

This is a very useful FAQ about vaporizer. It depends upon the vaporizer type; the portable glass models need frequent cleaning but Volcano model hardly does.

How to prevent coughing due to vapour?

It may due to higher temperature than bearable. Highly concentrated vapour has strong effect but keeping it in lungs is difficult.

Is possession of vaporizers is legal?

It is a very important FAQ about vaporizer. Most countries permit its possession. Though manufacturers market vaporizers for tobacco and only legal herbs, the action of police officers in different countries vary according to their perception of the intention of the users.

Can vaporizers vaporize natural herbs?

Yes, but not all. The vaporization temperature for some herbs is slightly higher, and only models that support high starting temperature can be used for most of the herb vaporization. Besides, some vaporizers have special screens for concentrates and liquids.

Which is your favourite vaporizer?

We have tried 15 models of different manufacturers with different heating components. Volcano is way superior to other in terms of effortless and comfortable experience. However, there is little difference in the vapour generated by different models.

Where to buy a vaporizer?

Vaporizers are sold at local shops as well as online. We have listed reliable American and European vendors at ‘buy vaporizers’ webpage. Our webpage ‘compare shops’ facilitates comparison of online shops.

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Review of Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer VaporizerSiler Surfer is among the top vaporizers that are available in the market. It offers the flexibility of customisation to buyers so that they can create a unique vaporizer for themselves. Silver Surfer Vaporizer has a wide range of designs and extensive array of colours available. Silver Surfer wand, heat cover and the vaporizer are produced with many personalisation options for users.

Temperature dial, heat cover and wand constitute a Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Interestingly, all the components are unique and none of the items are same. Silver Surfer Vaporizer is produced in Colorado. They are items of glass that is hand blown for the purpose and every piece is an artwork of the manufacturer. The heating component of Silver Surfer is a ceramic part while the device also incorporates glass-to-glass components in order to facilitate better vapour consumption. It functions on the mechanism of Convection, which why users can better control the application of temperature onto the consumable product.

Heat cover and wand: Silver Surfer heat cover and wand are manufactured in 3 different varieties. A suitable heat cover is provided with every wand of different style. The offered choices are – Ground Glass, Spherical Ground Glass and Standard Glass.

Spherical Ground Glass: The name of the variety describes it. The product in this type of Silver Surfer Vaporizer does not need to be stirred and the wand can be positioned at various angles for greater vaporising exeprience.

Ground Glass: This variety eliminates the need for the hands of the user. Both glass parts are attached with tight seals. Ground Glass is a good choice to make.

Standard Glass: This choice eliminates the need for the product to be stirred. Just by angling the wand to different positions, the air can be allowed passage through the product. Thus, the removal of desired constituent is cleaner and even.

Working mechanism

The vaporising experience begins at switching the vaporizer on and selecting the desired temperature. The substance needs to be fed into its wand, which has to be placed on heater cover. It is stated that quick inhalation offers great outcome. The temperature can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the frequency of inhalation.

There are many reasons that make vaporiser a less harmful choice to maintain lifestyle. It is based on mechanism of boiling the component that is fed into to the point that it starts to produce vapour. Thus, it does not release the hazardous components that are generated when the substance is burnt for smoking. Silver Surfer Vaporizer is very economical as it takes only a little dose of the substance to offer desired vaporising experience. Thus, it is highly cost-effective in the present age of economic inflation.

Cleaning Silver Surfer

This Vaporizer should be cleaned regularly. Isopropyl alcohol is a simple and great product for the purpose. Interestingly, the wand is the only component that needs cleaning. Moreover, the resin can be retrieved and kept in its wand to be used in future. However, the stainless tubes and screens should be exchanged when needed.

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How Silver Surfer Vaporizer works?

How Silver Surfer Vaporizer works?

The Silver surfer is only vaporizer which makes use of a heating element which is made up completely of ceramic. Its glass heater cover consists of a tiny hole through which the user inhales the air. Air is heated to the vaporizing temperature by the heating element. The air which is heated up goes through heater cover of the vaporizer finally passing into glass wand. The inhaled air is sufficiently hot to vaporize the smoking tobacco. Controlling the heat of air should be can be done controlling the rate of inhalation. As air is taken in slowly, it takes more time to go through heater cover which makes it hotter. However, if slow inhalation cannot heat up the inhaled air to the desired temperature, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer should be tuned up little higher.

The most important feature in the vaporizer happens to be the position of its ceramic element. There are other vaporizers that are made in the form of a wand and which have the air inside them go through the electrical connections and wires which are located inside the complete unit. It is only vaping device that eliminates all the electronics and hot metal from the way through which the vapor passes. This offers the cleanest of vaping experience. For instance, the air passing through Silver Surfer Vaporizer is purer than that passing through Volcano Vaporizer. In Volcano Vaporizer, the air goes through the complete unit and also through the complete circuitry. In the vaporizer, the air first comes in contact with its screen before it vaporizes the materials. In case of Silver Surfer Vaporizer, the tobacco is vaporized first by the air which is heated up. The time taken by the vapor to reach the screen of the device is enough to cool it back when it reaches the screen, so that no metal fumes are created. The seventh floor in the vaporizer makes use of stainless steel screen.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer can be tuned on in two ways. First, the knob facilitating adjustment of glass marble can be turned into high power for two to three minutes. The knob should then be turned down to one-third power. There is another way to switch on the unit which requires simply turning the knob at the desirable position. The temperature reaches the desired level after waiting for three to five minutes. Most of the herbs used in homeopathic healing and aromatherapy need the vaporizer to be fixed at two-thirds power.

The material should be chopped up or ground during the heating up of Silver Surfer Vaporizer. The ground material should be put into its wand in small quantity. The wand should be one-fourth full. It should be remembered that the material should not be packed tightly in its wand. The wand should than be placed close to heater cover. It fits it perfectly when these two glass pieces come together. When the wand is put in place, inhaling should be started. The air shall then be drawn through its heating element and then warmed up to reach the vaporizing temperature.

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Aromatherapy blends that help relax

Chamomile for aromatherapy with VaporizersThe vaporizers for aromatherapy are available in pocket friendly shapes. They do not just offer portability but they also store various kinds of aromatherapy oils in them. The vaporizer offering aromatherapy blend is popular as they are efficient in offering different vaporizing benefits in small packages. Vaping is a rather famous leisure activity in the present times for it offers greater pleasure and is safer as compared to the effects of smoking. Making use of aromatherapy oil blends in the vaporizer is the most current trend which helps in creating different feelings within the bodies. Combining certain plant types, aromatherapy oils, and botanical blends in the vaporizers offer a number of benefits that can be learned from the vaping enthusiasts. However, there are few combinations that are widely available in the present times. They include:


Most of the vaping enthusiasts prefer chamomile because it offers a relaxed sensation and feeling. The benefits it offers include reducing feelings of uneasiness and restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, and indigestion. Chamomile has a refreshing smell that allows a feeling of freshness to the vaping enthusiast. Most often it is blended with other plants and herbs and essential oils such as lavender and green tea. This aids in maximizing the properties of healing. The only thing that an individual needs to be sure about is that the best vaporizer for aromatherapy must be bought which will help in the complete utilizing of the advantages of the chamomile oils.

Green tea

The flavor is much popular especially due to its strong healing properties that can be felt through the entire body. Green tea consists of anti oxidizing agents which help in fighting with the free radicals which are present inside the body. It can also offer immunity to cancer when taken in the right way. Green tea is also helpful in bringing a change to the moods of such individuals that suffer from depression. It is especially beneficially when used regularly.


The peppermint offers a rather common choice when it comes to vaping. Irrespective of the plant being in its extracted oil form or in its leaf form, you can store it in the aromatherapy vaporizer in order to liberate a pleasing smell along with several other benefits on the physical and mental health of an individual. It is not just awakening but Lavandula vaporizationuplifting as well. Anyone who has experienced taking the peppermint vapors on a regular basis will know the benefits that the plant has for its users. The plant can work at any point of time in a day and especially at the time when the body craves for relaxation. The plant can also be blended with ground leaves of lavender or spearmint or eucalyptus. Peppermint will alter the milder flavors in overpowering them.

Lavender, thyme, and eucalyptus

These also have the same beneficial effect on the vaping individual. These can be taken in the vaporizer to vape in order to release the antiseptic properties into the body of the vaping individual. Eucalyptus stimulates the mind as well as the digestive system of the body.

Image source: Wikipedia

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Why vaporizing is a healthy alternative?

vaporizers - vaporizationYou would always find a rather new craze alternating the landscape of pot culture. They are vaporizers. The popularity of vaporizers has been on the rise since the middle of 2000. They have, in fact, started to grow as an industry. Most of the doctors are prescribing alternative medicines for curing a number of health troubles and this had led to the explosion of vaporizer culture. The vaporizers are not just a mode of entertainment but are also a curative that is increasingly being prescribed by doctors. As it is that the vaporizing industry has not yet been completely ripe, there are many who are not yet aware of what vaporizers are and of their functionality. During the past people knew vaporizers to be a pass time.

A number of studies have been carried out in the recent times which show the benefits that the vaporizers have on health. This has made vaporizing much popular in the field of health and medicine. The process offers a method if medication that is not just more discreet but is healthier too. Thus the vaporizers are in complete contrast to the smoking devices.

However, we need to know first what essentially a vaporizer is. The vaporizer is a device which releases the ingredients of the medicinal element or that of the therapeutic elements and compounds. Vaporizing can be said to be a healthier way and has therapeutic effects as opposed to smoking. The medicinal ingredients used in the vaporizer are heated at a temperature which is much lower as compared to the process of smoking. The low heat causes the plant materials and medicinal elements to liberate aromatic vapors rather than producing smoke. Vaporizers do not burn the ingredients which produces harmful substances. The aromatic vapor that is produced in the process of vaporizing produces no particulate matter. Smoking also liberates noxious gases which vaporizing does not. As it is that the process of vaporizing avoids combustion a much desirable effect can be achieved without suffering the harm that smoking does.

Vaporizing is healthier as compared to the process of smoking. Additionally, vaporizers are much easier to be used than smoking. Lighting a vaporizer isn’t required. No offensive smell or smoke is liberated in the process. Another important feature about vaporizers is that they are mobile. More over the medicinal elements that are used in the device are used in a much better way so that users can get their essence. Since the ingredients used are conserved better in vaporization, it saves a lot in terms of money. Vaporizing liberates the real flavor and essence of the ingredients.

There are two major categories into which vaporizers can be divided. They are portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers. The desktop types need being plugged into the wall while the portable vaporizers are mobile and can be carried to different places. Some of the vaporizers are provided with systems to control the temperature, digital displays, and fans which are meant for pushing out the vapor. There are other types that use tubing or whip.

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How Silver Surfer Vaporizer Works?

silver surfer vaporizersSo far, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer has been the only one that has its heating element made of ceramic completely. The heating cover made of glass has a tiny hole in it through which the vaping enthusiast can inhale air. The element is heated to the temperature for vaporizing by this ceramic element. The air which gets heated up goes through the vaporizer’s glass heating cover and then into its glass wand. The air going in gets heated to a temperature perfect for heating up the element or substance. Controlling the degree to which  air is heated is done by the rate of inhaling. As the inhalation is done slowly, the air takes more time to go through the heating cover which makes it hotter. In case if slow inhalation seems inappropriate to heat air to the required temperature, it should be inhaled in faster.

The position of the heating element in Silver Surfer Vaporizer is of utmost importance. Other vaporizers that are made in wand style and that are available in the market cause the air which is heated up to go through all electrical connections and wires in the unit. SSV can be said to be one vaporizer that has eliminated all kinds of hot metals and electrical elements from the trajectory of the hot air. This ensures that the vaporization is the cleanest. The air going through SSV is purer and cleaner than that going through Volcano vaporizer. This is most certainly because in case of Volcano air is allowed to go through its unit and through its circuitry as well. The Volcano has the hot air making contact with its screen first prior to vaporizing the material. In Silver Surfer Vaporizer the hot air heats up the element so that air reaching the screen isn’t hot enough for causing metal fumes. Seventh Floor has its screen made of stainless steel in SSV.

Turning the SSV on has two ways. First, the adjustment knob made of glass marble is turned to power fully for two to three minutes. This knob is then required to be turned down to one-third power. The other way for the turning on the unit is by turning the knob on to the required position. Following this the user should wait so that that unit reaches to the desirable temperature in three to five minutes. Most of the elements required for homeopathy and aromatherapy need the Silver Surfer Vaporizer turned to two-thirds power approximately.

It is better to grind the element while the vaporizer is getting heated. The ground element should be put in its wand to fill it to one-fourth of an inch. Care should be taken that the element dos not pack in its wand fully. When the wand has been places properly the inhalation should begin. Air will be drawn through the heating element and then warmed to a vaporizing temperature. In order that its efficiency of vaporization is increased, the element should be stirred.

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New Silver Surfer Vaporizer: On A Distant Moon Wave Rider


Here is our new in-house On A Distant Moon Wave Rider by our New Media Director, Elyssa Robbins. This is the second custom Wave Rider of many to come, in our all new Cosmic Collection. Ride the wave on a moon of a far off planet with this explosively colored vaporizer! The vape is engraved with an edition number above the dimmer light. The baseplate comes in purple, but you have the option to choose a different color. 


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Welcome to Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Welcome to Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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